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Early Memories

My earliest memories defy explanation.

I remember traveling through the countryside and seeing fields of green divided from the road by a split rail fence, lined by tall pine trees. I remember the plastic seat with metal bolts on the back of my fathers bicycle. The metal bolts used to pull at my long hair. I remember a little patent leather hand bag I used to beg to take with me whenever we went to the store - but I only remember being able to take it to the Olan Mills portrait studio. I remember walking to the bus on the first day of school in Maryland in a little pink dress with my Mom. The wind in Maryland was so strong it lifted me off of my feet and my Mom had to hold me down.

One memory in particular was one my parents swore up and down there was no way I could remember.

The ladder was cold to the touch, even on a warm day. The steps clanked as we climbed up. I took the three steps on a ladder attached to the saddle right behind my brother The wiry hair and grey, wrinkled surface seemed so foreign to me. The smell was something I'll never forget - not bad, but different. I couldn't believe as I sat there in the little green jumper my mother made for me that I was sitting on top of an Elephant. I was only 2 years old.

They say I couldn't remember this. They say I must have seen it in pictures. They say my stories aren't true... but they are wrong.

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