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Hatred brings out the worst in people.

Some people don't know why they hate someone else, only that they do.   They don't need an excuse. They're so miserable in their own life and existence that they have to take whatever they can to use it as a weapon.  

Someone who claims to "know me" but can only site incidences that occurred in my life more than a decade ago has decided to start spewing filth, hatred, lies and anger across the pages of my blog.  I can only imagine it's some sort of deep seeded raging jealousy that I was actually able to get out of a hick town and break free on my own. Jealousy that I'm actually doing ok and I'm pretty darn happy in my life. 

Your IP address has now been blocked from commenting on this blog again.

Find a new hobby.  You aren't worth my time.

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