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Idiots A-broad

Being nice, I offered a touch of advice for a hopeful future Flight Attendant. I explained how my security background really made me a shoe-in for the job.

In response, another current Flight Attendant threw in:
"And leave out all that Security Bs out..They are not looking for law enforcement and give them lots of smiles"

My response was exactly this.
"The "Security BS" as you call it, Sandy, is EXACTLY why I was hired, and I was told as much. So, Sandy, while it may not be what got YOU hired, I couldn't rely on my perfect smile or stunning good looks. I don't have either of those things."

Was that a backhanded compliment, or a double sided insult???
Here's her photo. You tell me.

Yet, once more she attempted to say that my advice was completely invalid without using those words...

"Robin,...remember your interview is for Flight Attendant not. Law Enforcement....."

It became a simple back-and-forth at that point.

"Sandy - remember, you know EVERYTHING. You're perfect and everyone should always do exactly what you say and NEVER under any circumstances disagree with you."


Yeah...thats why you are sooo paying attention to my posts...MY OPINION sorry if you dont like it."



And yes you show your class HONEY....I soooo got to yiou without even mentioning u. ...Booooring....and keep writing nonsense, See who really looks like one....Im done...keep on telling ppl your SECURITY STORIES...You are soo rude.


And that was the end of that.

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