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Sure, we all have adventures when we're kids. In my own personal opinion, I believe more of these stories should be shared with others. They can learn from our youthful stories of mystery and woe, triumph and accomplishment.  They also make for some pretty funny tales at times.

Likewise, the adventures we have as adults are often funny or tragic, depending on how we tell the stories. Below are some of my own adventures I've had over the years. From reading them, you'll discover that even the most tragic and terrifying moments in our lives can and often do have positive outcomes.

Childhood Pranks : When I was a kid, my brother and I were good at playing pranks on one another. 

Dirty Magazines played an early role in our childhood development.

Gum in the Hair - most parents go through this at some point. Skip the WD-40 and just read this blog, for your kid's sake.

The Great Tupperware Fire was one my family never knew about until I told the story to the world here on my blog. One word of advice: Keep the tupperware cups in the house and the matches out of reach.

Uneven Bars at school were just one of the many ways I found something I was good at and eventually scared the daylights out of my mother with it.

Embarassing Moments happen to us all. Frankenstein scared me half to death as a kid.

Tijuana can be an adventure in the Wild Wild West for a kid of only 9 years old.

MacGyver on TV played a crutial role in my early years, eventually having a solid impact on my life.

My Time Machine story was how I got into writing in the first place, and certainly was an adventure in the 6th grade!

Sioux City Sarsaparilla always brings back fond memories of my childhood.

The Seadoo adventure was a wild ride on open water, just me and the stolen machine.

An Old Shack in the Woods once provided a hide-out for me and another kid when we would skip school, but we had to break the windows to get inside. Being discovered was our greatest fear, realized.

Riverdale's Cinedome is being zoned for demolition in the coming days. I remember running away to hang out with my friends at the base of the woods that hid the shack, not far from the Cinedome.

My first Date came about during the time I had run away for the first time.

Guitar Girl - the Story of Terry Ray Day was a true adventure in self discovery and acceptance.  All it took was having one person believe in me...
I've had a lot of pets in my youth. Most of the time we had dogs growing up. One of them, a brindle colored Great Dane once saved my life.

I was kidnapped at 19 years old, and if you go to this page you can read all three parts to the story of my escape and how I ended up there in the first place.

Getting Lost in Prague is something I hope to never repeat in this lifetime.

Life in the Jungle, otherwise known as South Central LA, wasn't exactly an easy time in my life, but it was certainly an adventure I'll never forget.

Gold Fever often strikes the most unlikely of people at the most unlikely of times. When I found gold in the San Juan Capistrano mountains, my mind was catapulted back into my youth, when my Uncle Mike taught me how to go gold panning.

Texas Looseys is often a fun story to tell, but I don't often share it in mixed company. The short version is that I won a Lingerie Competition. The long version is a lot more fun.

The Donald Trump Country Club holds a rather odd place within in me of an adventure I'll likely remember until I'm an old woman.

The Return Flight makes me laugh to think of it. Almost everyone has their luggage lost by an airline at some point, but how many have it returned to them by a female giantess?

Tap Dancing Marines?  How about a full Pirouette? This one has both.

SKIP your dinner tonight! We did, and it became a family tradition, complete with catsup.