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So this is random... I was just recognized on my flight. 

"Hey! You're the blogger, aren't you?!"

I was dumbfounded. I just sat there a minute. 

"Maybe it's not you," he said. "Never mind."

"Lady Blackwood?"


"Yep. That's me!"

It's an odd feeling and I'll tell you all about it shortly! 

Who's That?

This is wrong. 

As I looked I to the mirror I could see the lines around my eyes - deep creases from dehydration and years of stress. This life has not been kind to me. But it's not the lines I feel are wrong. Those are all earned. 

This isn't me. This isn't my face or my body. I'm trapped inside a strangers body and there's nothing I can do about it. I look I to the mirror and I have no idea who that person is. I know who I am, but the face in the mirror? She's a stranger. She always has been. 

My family is not my family. My face is not my face. Even my hands are borrowed from someone else - someone who's meant to be in this body. Someone who fits. I don't fit. 

I have no idea what I would look like if I were in the correct form, but I do know this isn't it. I do know that this isn't who I'm meant to be. I just don't know why I ended up here or how I got here. 

And I'm lost. 

I'm trapped within a stranger and there's no way out until the end of all things.

Sin and Repentance

Through some weird fluke, my blog about being kidnapped, raped, tortured and nearly sold into human trafficking has become a hugely popular post on Pinterest.  It's everywhere, earmarked with the same $20 you see here.  Almost anywhere you see this scan on Pinterest, it will point you straight back to my blog.  


It's a dark story about a horrible past filled with hideous monsters and forgotten children.  If you're interested, I'll post a link at the bottom.  Be warned, it's not for the weak.

The standard description I've found from people blindly sharing this blog on Pinterest like mindless sheep is as follows:

Such a good object lesson about repentance and sin - 20 dollar bill still has the same value even when wrinkled or marked on...our value never changes in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. The atonement allows us to repair damage and become clean. We must trust in the Lord and see ourselves as our Heavenly Father does.

My own standard response is simple enough:
I was glad to have readers, but I felt it was severely false advertising. Now that I know you had not read it before hand it makes more sense. I believe the original pin-er used the $20 from part one as the object lesson somehow but I was entirely lost on that idea. The $20 was not symbolic, it was just a catalyst. Try reading the story. It's about rape and human trafficking.

But I got this in response.
I pinned this days before reading it, as I do with a lot of things. I thought there were some significance between the $20 bill and forgiveness. I had absolutely no idea it would be a story of rape and torture. So therefore you are wrong! I am not part of the problem. Ignorance is what I'm thinking you are part of.

Now, I'm fairly new to Pinterest.  In fact, I only joined the site in order to try to stop the spread of this particular story before too many children got their hands on it.  I'm left with two HUGE questions...
  • #1.  Is it standard practice for people to post things WITHOUT reading them or even looking at them first?  I put a disclaimer on that particular blog in order to END the trend.
  • #2.  Is she blind, or did she not see that mirror standing in front of her face when she started pointing fingers at me?  I'm the ignorant one, while she's perfectly innocent as she sends children and church attendees to a blog post about rape, having them believe it's about sin and repentance?

So, as is my usual fashion, I responded.
Point one finger at me, you have three pointed back at you. You actually share stuff without even bothering to LOOK at it. You point KIDS to a story of rape and torture and human trafficking. And call me what you will. If I can live through that, I promise your words will have ZERO impact on me.

It's MY blog. I enjoy having readers. What I do NOT enjoy is having THOUSANDS of hateful emails sent to me over the course of a couple DAYS because someone (like you) thinks this is a CHURCH story. I've gotten more hate mail than Merle Dixon! That's far more of a pain than you pretending to NOT point in the mirror.

And since it's finally down (6:05pm on 11-12-14) I'd say this blog post was a success.  Thank you!

To read the original story,  Visit This Link

Idiots A-broad

Being nice, I offered a touch of advice for a hopeful future Flight Attendant. I explained how my security background really made me a shoe-in for the job.

In response, another current Flight Attendant threw in:
"And leave out all that Security Bs out..They are not looking for law enforcement and give them lots of smiles"

My response was exactly this.
"The "Security BS" as you call it, Sandy, is EXACTLY why I was hired, and I was told as much. So, Sandy, while it may not be what got YOU hired, I couldn't rely on my perfect smile or stunning good looks. I don't have either of those things."

Was that a backhanded compliment, or a double sided insult???
Here's her photo. You tell me.

Yet, once more she attempted to say that my advice was completely invalid without using those words...

"Robin,...remember your interview is for Flight Attendant not. Law Enforcement....."

It became a simple back-and-forth at that point.

"Sandy - remember, you know EVERYTHING. You're perfect and everyone should always do exactly what you say and NEVER under any circumstances disagree with you."


Yeah...thats why you are sooo paying attention to my posts...MY OPINION sorry if you dont like it."



And yes you show your class HONEY....I soooo got to yiou without even mentioning u. ...Booooring....and keep writing nonsense, See who really looks like one....Im done...keep on telling ppl your SECURITY STORIES...You are soo rude.


And that was the end of that.

Photography and Me

Almost every detail I learned about photography has been because I stood in front of the camera for so long. But I've learned a LOT recently just by standing there and pressing the button. I'm still in front of the thing, but - hey - it works.

Guess what I'm saying is that I ain't no dummy. If I wanna figure something out, I usually do. It only took my ten years to get the courage to REALLY try, but I've finally got it. 

Always wanted to learn how to be a photographer....

Trial Run

This is a TRIAL RUN only.  I've had my issue with stalkers, so we'll see how it goes and how often I have to use the block button.  But - for a limited time only, if you find me on facebook, you can comment on anything I have - publicly.  I refuse to respond to private messages! 

Be warned.

If it can't be said in public, it shouldn't be said in private.

Now - head on over to Facebook and find me.

Man's Vanity

Vanity Has a Face. 

I went to the hotel gym tonight. It's rare that I'm ever joined by anyone, but tonight was different. Tonight I was joined by two people - two men - at different times. 

These two did NOT know one another, and yet there was an instant competition between them. There were two mirrors and a myriad of weights. I'll let you guess what took place after that. 

I was in the treadmill, going for one hour at 3.5mph (I'm working my way up to running). In that time, these two chased one another around the gym, kind of like a "follow the leader" game, each trying to out-do one another with reps, all the while admiring their groaning and strained reflections in the mirror. 

I can understand watching the mirror to make sure you're keeping good form, but when you're making expressions that make me believe you're the unholy offspring of Sly Stalone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, something needs to change. 

There was more spit on the mirror than remained in their mouths. If I hadn't watched it all happen, I wouldn't have believed it, and I probably would have believed someone had decided to make out with the mirror. Yes, there was that much slobber on it. 

Vanity has a face, and it's making a HORRIBLE grimace as the hernia forms. Vanity, thy name is GYM-MAN! 

Yes. They're laughing. 

Art by Allen

This incredible piece of photo manipulation is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Not in that it's an image of me, but in that it shows who I see MYSELF to be - the scared girl, fading off into the background, disappearing into oblivian - all while taking it in stride. 

I can feel my world fading away... I can taste the air turning sour around me... and yet I know that it's useless to stand and fight against it. I've been fighting this oblivian all my life only to continue facing it year after year. 

So here I am, fading away to a distant memory of people I thought would always be there. I'm already gone from their lives - they've been staring at a blank brick wall for months. 

Incredible art, Allen. Thank you. 

And please comment with a link to your work. People should be able to see it all. 

You made me cry. I love it. Thank you. 


just gave some epic advice I wish I'd gotten years ago. 

"You're not respecting HIM?? Honey, he's not respecting YOU!! This is a part of who you were LONG before he ever met you, and if he wins this, he will have some sort of control over you for the rest of the time you're with him, from what you wear to who your friends are. Trust me. 

"And if you LET him control this aspect of your life, you will eventually resent him for it, just as I do my ex husband for squashing my acting career because of his petty jealousy and insecurities. It ended our marriage eventually, but it wasn't overnight.

"It all happens eventually. Slowly. Like a disease, a cancer that eats away at respect and love and all the other good things that go along with a relationship. All that's left in the end is a hollow shell of what could have been.

"It's time for him to grow a pair and realize he does not OWN the body of a woman just because he's dating her.

"You're a beauty. Go do your own thing and have fun with it. If he can't figure out what an awesome (strong) person you are for being able to do it, that's his loss. 

"Take a stand. Go be you."