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Art by Allen

This incredible piece of photo manipulation is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Not in that it's an image of me, but in that it shows who I see MYSELF to be - the scared girl, fading off into the background, disappearing into oblivian - all while taking it in stride. 

I can feel my world fading away... I can taste the air turning sour around me... and yet I know that it's useless to stand and fight against it. I've been fighting this oblivian all my life only to continue facing it year after year. 

So here I am, fading away to a distant memory of people I thought would always be there. I'm already gone from their lives - they've been staring at a blank brick wall for months. 

Incredible art, Allen. Thank you. 

And please comment with a link to your work. People should be able to see it all. 

You made me cry. I love it. Thank you. 

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