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I've had a few close calls in my life. I don't mean close calls as in having a car almost hit me as I cross the street or thinking I was walking through the wrong part of town. There were some situations in my life where I am fairly convinced when looking back on them that I shouldn't have survived. Each time has taught me valuable lessons and I've grown into a stronger person because of them.

A Dog Fight when I was a kid was my first real brush with fear.  My Great Dane swooped in to save the day.

Just 5 Saltine Crackers at every meal for weeks was the only thing that kept me alive at one time. Hard work and learning how to ration my supplies was the one thing that pulled me through.

Wet Roads still cause my heart to skip a beat.

Depression is scary for everyone.  Being prone to the occasional bout of depression, I understand more than most about the pain and suffering it causes on those around us. Thanks to the 365 Project, I've turned that around and now have a daily distraction from allowing myself to become depressed.

The Day I Died forever changed my outlook on life. I'll always be grateful for the doctors that brought me back, but the dream I had while under the knife will be with me always.

Child Birth and the after effects were some of the most frightening moments of my life.

Lost in Prague one night, I stumbled over what I believe to this day was a dead body on the wrong side of the tracks. Finding my way back to the Bed and Breakfast was a miraculous event I'm thankful for.

Stalkers, Killers and Scars abound in my life's history. Not everyones scars are visible, but we all have them.

Life in the Jungle of South Central Los Angeles was an adventure I still wonder how I managed to survive through.

The Wreck was full of mystery and intrigue I can't even fully share yet, but you get a small taste anyway.

Stalled on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, I darted across two freeways in 4 inch high heels in order to make my way down a weed infested embankment to the local Highway Patrol office, screaming like a mad man hoping someone would help me!

Drunk Drivers nearly got me killed once. At the very least I got a fat ticket and a nasty headache.  Seriously though, I nearly ended up with a 3 ton boulder splitting my skull open.