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Teen Runaway

Yes, I was a teen runaway.

I sent myself down a series of hard roads, starting at around 15 years old.  I learned from the School of Hard Knocks. Most of that was my own fault, but much of it was because of my overwhelming desire to survive, overcome and conquer.  Somehow I was actually able to survive and have adventures along the way, the way a traveling storyteller would have in Ireland long ago.

The First Time also coincided with my first date.

The Second Time around I was placed in another home by legal authorities.

The Third Time I smuggled my dog on a city bus and took her with me.

The Miller Miles, parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 was possibly the most stupid mistake I ever made in my life.

Ending the Cycle wasn't easy, but finally, after too many years of living in fear and always running away, I managed to break the pattern.

These are the only stories I have in my blog so far, but stay in touch.  There is MUCH more to come.