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Tired of hunger
Tired of pain
Tired of feeling
Like I'm going insane.

Tired of this
Tired of that
Tired of falling
Face down and flat.

Tired of screaming
Alone in the night
Tired of emotions
Of being ruled by my fright.

Tired of not knowing
What's to happen to me
Tired of feeling
I can't ever just "be".

Tired of being
Lost and alone
Tired of feeling
There's no one at home.

Tired of plans
Being made all around
Things that involve me
Yet I hear not a sound.

Tired of being
Slowly broken down
Tired of not feeling
Like I'm wanted around.

I'll not put pressure
On someone like this.
If love can't be given,
It's me he'll miss.

I'm tired of tears
Stinging my eyes,
Tired of feeling
I've been fed lies.

Tired of knowing
What is to come
Wishing some way
It could be undone.

Tired of living
Tired of dying
Wanting to know
Am I staying, or flying?

Can't take it much more
Going out of my mind!
What I wouldn't give
To not leave them behind.

It's not been so fair
To me since day one.
How much can I take -
Before I'm just DONE.

Tired of hunger
Tired of pain
Tired of feeling
Like I'm going insane.

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