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Goodbye Facebook

As a long standing member of the Social Media world known as Facebook, I have finally said goodbye to it today, in hopes of regaining a bit of my old self back today. This is what I wrote .......

Long ago I used to be a model - but these are days gone by. I've changed. I'm older. I'm wiser. I'm more mature and responsible. My outward appearance may have changed, but my fundamental core being never will. I don't see myself as a physical manifestation and therefore do not see myself as attractive or unattractive. I am simply me - kind and smart, funny and sarcastic, a bit narcissistic at times and full of faults - but unique. Forgive me for saying - I will never see myself as what you see in the photo below. I will only ever truly see myself for what and who I am inside.

Those who choose not to like me have every right. Those who do also have that right to choose. I don't point fingers. I don't lay blame. I don't create, stir or instigate trouble. I lay low and desire a quiet existence. I want to write and to be left to my writing.

The Constitution provides us with several fundamental rights - the right to bear arms. The right to assembly. The right to freedom of speech.

The right to bear arms does not grant us permission to kill or threaten another with a gun. The right to assembly does not grant us permission to riot, loot and deface. And the right to our freedom of speech does not grant us the right to damage, slander or hurt others for our own spite or frustration or anger.

And so I do none of these.

This will be my last and final post on the public world of Facebook - because I refuse to take part in the defamation, slander, hatred, verbal rioting or threatening of others at any time. Those who have wronged me cannot hurt me. Those who love me know how to find me. And to all those who are neither - may our paths cross again someday.

Goodbye Facebook.


  1. I can hear Facebook sounding like a tire with a flat that is losing air fast as you leave the site. Best of luck, always!

  2. Its sad to see you leave Facebook. But I do understand why you are. I am glad I can come here to read what you have written.

    To me you will always be that beautiful girl I met on TextAmerica all those years ago.

    Take care and remember you are one of my favorites.



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