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Love is Ironic

Love is a funny word. Not a "ha ha" kind of funny, but the "flip-flop stomach and sweaty palms" kind of funny. It's funny in the way that even after someone had departed this world for the next, a sudden thought of the, can make us laugh out loud while sitting alone in an airplane. It's funny in the way that even though separated by a great number of miles and distance and time, that love is still so real and so alive that you can feel it almost with your hands and with the every beat of your heart. 

Love is ironic. It's not ironic in a way that it makes no sense such as government intelligence, but in the way it can make us cry and smile at the same time. It's ironic in the way that we so often don't realize what we have until its been taken away from us. 

Love is all powerful. 
Love is beautiful. 
Love is painful. 
Love is amazing. 
Love is wonderful. 
Love is uncertain. 
And love is ironic. 
Love can both lift us up and bring us down. 

Love ..... is love. 

R.I.P. Bryon Otto Pastian 

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  1. Pastian was a friend of mine while in Oki, I am saddened to hear he has passed away. I pray God be with you all!


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