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When I write, it's because I'm inspired. But writing itself inspires me. Writers block never comes. There's always a story to tell, a snippet to share, a laugh to be chortled and a tear to be shed. There's always something to be written.

I sat alone amid tall palm trees lit up by rope strands of twinkling white lights this morning before the sun even came up. It was my time - time to relax, NOT to check all of my social media outlets for messages and notifications, but to listen to my music, to reflect on the day gone by and the one yet to come. It's my time to think, to listen, to notice - to be.

Not everyone has those moments. Not everyone knows how to function in long moments of solitude and silence. At one time, I was one of those people myself. But now I thrive in that environment. I crave it. On fact, I require it. If I don't get it, I can get quite cranky and frustrated with daily activities. I think more people would too if they discovered the beauty in the silence and the calm within the still. Things take a different shape.

The long fingers of the Palm frond stretch out into the sky, seeming to reach their black tentacles toward the stars, hoping to ensnare one and nestle it among the lights still twinkling at it's base. It's greedy, that Palm. There aren't yet enough lights - it needs and wants more. Just as I need and want more stories, more words, more thoughts - MORE.

I don't crave riches or jewels. I don't crave food or drink. I don't crave the stars like the Palm, neither do I crave the moon like lovers do. I crave only life and all it has to offer. That may seem like too much to some, but life is what I write about. If I don't live, I don't write. If I don't venture out, I have nothing new. I'm left with the lights twinkling at my base. I must keep reaching for those stars like the Palm does, reaching out to take just one more until there is no reach left to me.

Life is like that. If you find something you want, you MUST reach for it. Reach for it and never give up until you've gotten what you seek. There are so few things in this world worth reaching so hard for. Life. Inspiration. The stars. Reach for them all. Eventually, they reach back.

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