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Insured? HA!!

What good is insurance if you still end up owing thousands of dollars in medical expenses?

I guess getting that diagnosis is out for a few more years. I'll need to make at least twice what I make now to continue with all the testing. I'll have my credit destroyed by then with these bills I can't afford to pay now. 

That's the absolute LAST time I go to the doctor under the misguided assumption that I'll be better off if I do. 

What a freaking JOKE. 

Wish I hadn't spent all that money I had (and I do mean ALL of it is gone) on Christmas presents for people now. Next year I'm not buying a damn thing for anyone. 

But, there's a possibility that my request for government assistance (food stamps) won't be denied. 


  1. I'm still battling the hospital where I had my tumor in my colon removed. Months later i'm still getting bills even though they were supposed to be covered. Thank God the hospital i'm with now helped me get on Medicaid so my chemo treatments are covered. Obama Care is a joke.

    I hope you're able to get everything taken care of.


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