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Long ago, far away, there was once a little Princess who had a very good memory. When that little Princess grew up and discovered she wasn't a Princess after all, she still remembered when she had been a little girl and liked to recal those times as a Princess with fondness.

Early Memories often surprise me when they pop into my conscious mind with such clarity that I can't deny I had experienced something that people strongly believe there is no possibility I could ever remember at less than a year old.

Pick Your Own orchards were a favorite past time for us as a family when I was really young.  I met with a couple of accidents, but then again I was an accident prone child.

Strawberry Short Thief should have been my nickname as a kid.

Baseball was my brother's game, Soft Ball was my mothers game, I just wanted someone to teach me.

My First Crush was actually in Kindergarten.

Windy the Pony was my first favorite childhood toy.

The Igloo was our hidden little Ice Fortress, custom heated no less!

Gold Panning was a lot of fun when my Uncle Mike took me.

Childhood Pranks were not only common, but expected when I was a kid.

The 4th of July holds a funny memory for me, but not so funny for the other little girl...

My Time Machine was invented in the 6th grade

Porn got us in a lot of trouble as kids...

A Day in Tijuana ended with lots of laughs and one great deal.

Red Skies still give me nightmares to this day.

Self Taught Gymnastics scared my mother half to death.

Blue Eyes have been a weakness of mine since I was 7 years old.

Frankenstein embarassed me half to death...

Gum End Up In The Hair of almost every child.  I nearly went bald over it.

The Great Tupperware Fire ... well, what's there to explain about this one?

Manda MacGyver watched too much TV as a kid...

My Pets in my childhood were pretty amazing creatures.

Cousin Kyle was the son of my father's sister.  He came to stay with us once when I was a kid and I suffered a concussion because of my wanting to impress him.

Blind Man's Bluff went horribly wrong when I sought revenge against a boy I liked.

Rabbit Grass was my nickname for a special little spot out in the playground where I would escape the teasing of other kids.

Seven Stitches from a slumber party remind me every day that sometimes it's worth getting into trouble to do the right thing.

Football is really the only way I can ever describe how tough I was as a kid...

I came home to a Cardboard Cut Out Dad at Thanksgiving one year.  (Dedicated to my brother)

MacDonalds Fry Guys were a popular marketing item in the 80's.

My First Heels were BOTH black with a sensible heel.