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Trump This!

This is one of the stories I've never told another living soul... and here I'm going to share it with the world.

There's a fun story involving the day I met Pete that is a dynamic not even related to or about Pete. It might surprise some of you to know that I was on my way to a date the day I met Pete on the road. It wasn't just a date - it was an ex-boyfriend. He and I had toyed with the idea of getting back together.

We were a little, how do you say, adventurous.
I'll never forget the email I got from him the day before.

"There is a package waiting for you outside of your office. Pick it up and take it home. This is what I want you to wear to dinner."

I drove the 6 miles to work, picked up a package, placed it in the passenger side of my car, and drove back home. Imagine the surprised look on my face when I opened the box and found nothing but a long black trench coat, a pair of 4" stiletto heels, a black teddy with a garter belt and stockings. There was nothing else in the box.

The black teddy fit me like it had been made for me. It slimmed my waist, boosted by chest, lengthened my legs and slipped with a silken sheen over my skin. It didn't cover much though, and it was about 90 degrees outside. There was no way I was going to be able to keep the trench coat on all night! I dug through the closet until I found a lovely crochet dress I'd had for a while and never worn, very similar to the one I had worn in the TV show "Alias" in 2005. It fit perfectly over the lingerie. I tucked the trench coat under my arm and walked to my car.

I was early leaving home and had no other plans, so I decided on a long drive down the coast. The sun was shining, I was in top form, and the lingerie against my skin made me feel more alive and excited than I was used to feeling. My car had just been washed and I had the top down.

I saw a couple of motorcycles riding down the coast in front of me. Something inside of me took over and told me to say hello. I drove up to them, flirted, was asked to pull over, gave out my phone number, then continued on my way. That's the short version of that story. One of the two motorcycle riders happened to be Pete.

I continued on then and went to dinner with my ex. As soon as I sat at the table, he noticed I had carried my trench coat under my arm. My lovely crochet dress was quite flattering on top of the lingerie - but it wasn't what he had wanted to see. Under minimal urging, I went to the bathroom, slipped out of my dress and put on the trench coat. Then I joined my ex at the dinner table at the Trump International Country Club wearing nothing but a jacket, lingerie and 4" stilettos.

I sat there for the rest of the meal, bundled up in a trench coat, sweating like crazy, wishing to high heaven I had kept my crochet dress on instead. When we finished eating, I couldn't wait to go to the ocean cliffs and take a moment to breathe! I was sweltering!

My ex set out a blanket on the ground, poured a couple of drinks from his engraved flask into two Glencarrin glasses, and pulled something out of a backpack just as I unbuttoned my trench. I threw open the coat just as I realized what it was he had in his hands - a camera.

He snapped a shot of me out in the middle of nowhere with a trench coat thrown open revealing a very exposed redhead in very little clothing standing on a cliff not far from the Donald Trump Country Club.

The resulting photos are eventually what ended my pursuit of a career in Law Enforcement. They surfaced each time I went to the backgrounds stage. They ended up being the demise of my relationship with Pete in that way. I've always found that ironic - that the photos taken the day I met him were a core reason he and I split up 3 years later ... and he to this day doesn't know those photos even existed. The relationship ended because I gave up on chasing a career in Law Enforcement. He thought I was a quitter. I knew the truth and never said a word.


  1. Wow. Who knew that the story I knew of you meeting Pete had a whole nother twist. Great story as always!

  2. I remember the photo shoot in the old daze.....


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