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At times I wonder if perhaps I've run out of my real-life stories. Then at other times I wonder if perhaps it's my inspiration that has abandoned me. Whatever is the cause, the eventual effect is my being very far behind on my blogs yet again.

It's been a long, hard week for me. One thing after another has managed to pound me into the ground until I'm a mere stump barely visible above the surface of the crap surrounding me. I'm swamped and drowning at work. I'm yelled at and chastised it seems every day. I keep waiting for something to happen; for something to turn around. No matter how long I wait though, I seem to turn blue in the face and find myself gasping for air so that I might attempt once again to hold my breath in anticipation. Anxiety has caused knots in my stomach to form and not be shy about making their presence known. Good things ARE headed my way - just not this week.

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