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A couple days ago I did something I intentionally tried not to do. My phone went into the toilet.

I needed to use the ladies room (and with two female roommates it is MOST DEFINITELY a ladies room) and I've got a routine down for when I walk into the bathroom these days. Normally I stand by the sink and remove my phone from my back pocket. I place it on the counter top, do what I need to do, and pick it up again when I'm done. I do this mainly because I've dropped a couple of really nice phones down the commode and regretted it very much.

Two days ago, I walked into the bathroom after drinking a lot of water and stood in front of the sink. I was wearing a draping blouse that day and didn't take that into consideration... that was a mistake.

I removed the phone from my back pocket to place it on the counter, and in my hurry to put it down, it got hung up in my shirt. As I reached forward with it in my hand, it suddenly flew out of my hand like it had been fired from a sling shot. The phone then flew through the air, launching no less than 5 feet across the bathroom, bounced off the seat of the toilet three times before I could grab for it and splashed right into the bottom of the toilet.

It's a good thing I'm not a squeamish person. It's equally a good thing the toilet had been flushed since last used.

These last few days I've gotten to where I just leave the phone in the bedroom when I need to go.

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