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Things of Beauty

Things of Beauty:

Warm sunshine on a chilly day
The hand of someone you love
A memory so warm and sweet
It makes you smile to think of.

A cool breeze on a summer noon
Love in all its splendor
A gentle hug when we need it most,
A shoulder, warm and tender.

Our pets who love us dear,
And to our hearts hold fast.
That is love in truest form,
A love that forever lasts.

A warm bed at the end of the day,
When our bones are weary and weak.
The cool side of the pillow,
As we rest our exhausted cheek.

The tears we cry for others
When they feel that they cant
It's such a selfless act of kindness
The greatest gift we can grant.


  1. thank you. it means everything to me.


  2. This poem is absolutely beautiful and very touching. Is it an original by you? I am guessing it is, as it sounds so very personal.
    Have you thought of writing a book of poetry? I hope you at least keep something with all of your poems written down. It is a rare gift to have the ability to put ones deepest and most personal thoughts into words. It has been said the best poems, songs, and stories ever written are those written from things the writer has experienced. Thank you for sharing and touching the lives of others.


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