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I was asked a few good questions (interview style) and my answers were creative enough I wanted to share them...

My favorite food at thanksgiving - 
These days my diet is unfortunately limited due to an "internal error" as I like to call it. I have something called Crohn's disease and it limits what I can eat by quite a bit. When I could eat anything I wanted without knowing there were permanent consequences, my favorite was my mothers gibblet gravy. I would have it on the turkey, stuffing, potatoes - even a bit on the green bean casserole. The texture, the taste, the experience of having a bit of each at each fork full - just the thought of it takes me back to a simpler, and yet far more complicated, time of my life. But I must say, the thing I miss most is the sense of family. I haven't had a holiday with my own family since I was 17 years old, and those were unfortunately unhappy times. The last happy holiday I had with my family would have been more than half my lifetime ago now. I miss the meal prayer when we all held hands. I miss the way my mother would chase me out of the kitchen all day, threatening me with a wooden spoon and a smile.  I miss when she would call me back in to slice apples for a pie. I miss my fathers stupid jokes and hearty laugh. I miss my brother getting excited about pouring our koolaid in preparation for the meal. I miss having a family... 

Favorite time of day -

That depends on where in the world I am and what time if year it is. When I lived in Scotland my favorite time of day was in January in the early morning before the sun came up. The world was still and silent. I was happy then.  The world was magical and beautiful with a fresh coat of snow across everything as far as the eye could see. It clung to the branches and rooftops. There were no sounds that did not echo softly against the sweetly fallen fresh, clean snow. The flakes would continue to fall in large, round flakes, making an audible 'Pat!' when they finally touched down. It was awe inspiring and I finally understood Robert Burns' poetry. 

But living in California my favorite time of day is sunset. To look across the rooftops and see the sun touch down onto the Pacific Ocean, to almost hear it sizzle as the water cools the glowing orb, to long to reach out and rescue it from it's 12 hours of slumber... there's something so sad and yet so thrilling about the sunset. One general type of person goes to bed and another sort begins to hit the streets, ready to socialize. But the sun casts its glowing colors of fire and warmth across the sky even after its gone from our view, its final gift each night. 

Travel List
I would love to spend more time in Paris. Three days just wasn't enough! London is also tops on my list, as I've only spent one day there and have newly acquired adopted family over there (When one doesn't have a family of their own, one acquires a family wherever one can). But add to that list Giza, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Rome, Pompeii and Herculaneum, Athens, Crete, Melbourne and Sydney, New York City, Chicago, the Highlands of Scotland, more of Ireland, Alaska, Bangkok and Tokyo... and you have te beginning of my list. I'm sure you now have a broad understanding as to why I became a flight attendant. I want to see the world!! All of life is magical and beautiful if we know how to look at it, and that's a special skill I acquired long ago. I died in a surgery long ago and my entire perspective on life changed as a result. There is no longer anything dark that lives within me... I don't have a dark side and a light side anymore. All I have is a soul grateful to be alive and willing to enjoy everything imaginable with a zest incomprehensible by most, not to be compared with anyone or anything else in existence. 

I'm a creative writer as a hobby, and my goal here was to bring you into my world and show you things as I see them if only for a moment. I hope I've succeeded...

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