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Apple Juice

One day I was doing a beverage service on a crowded plane. Early on, I ran out of ginger ale, apple juice, orange juice and Sprite. I reached the very last row of the plane where a gentleman was rocking out to his iPhone ear buds, really not paying attention. I knew he wanted a drink because his tray table was down.

"Would you like a drink," I asked after I finally got his attention by wiggling my fingers over the seat back in front of him. He jumped.

"Apple juice."

"I'm so sorry, but I'm completely out."

"Apple juice," he repeated.

"It's gone." I held up the can.

"Apple juice," he said again, perplexed. He pointed at the can.

"I'm out." I shook the can to signify it being empty.

Again he pointed. "Yes. Apple juice."

"Its empty."

Finally, giving up on the idea of him understanding or taking his ear phones out to hear me, I completely crushed the can between the palms of my hands and set it down on the cart. I didn't say a word. People around us stared.

"Oh," he said, looking sad. Then he brightened up. "Orange juice."

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  1. Hmmn looks like a case of apples and oranges. Glad you made the crushing hint clear to him. Have a great day!
    Allen ~ Yes I stiil visit and enjoy your blog time to time ;)


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