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This is going to be a short compilation of the kind things people said about me yesterday at work. Most of them were said in front of my crew.  It was a very strange day. 

I guess this was why the Captain bought me lunch. He said "I've never heard so many compliments in my life."

"You made my flights today interesting. I haven't seen an attractive stewardess in forever. I thought the species was extinct. You're like a unicorn!"
- Passenger Brad

"I mean, I was like crushing, and I'm 32 and I don't crush. I bumped my head in my moment of awkwardness."
-Passenger Drew

"You are such a sweet, creative person, and smarter than the average. You really are impressive."
- Passenger Matt 

"You are such a doll!"
-Passenger Elizabeth. 

" I was watchin you as you was walking through the plane.  I was thinking 'gurl, you are so beautiful.' You are."
-Passenger LaTisha

"We could listen to you speak all day long. We love your voice."
- Passengers  Mark and Amy. 

"I don't know how you were able to tell me to turn my phone off and make it sound like fun, but you did."
- Passenger Brady

"You surprised me. Gorgeous, intelligent, articulate, and you seem a bit sassy."
-Passenger Brandon

There were MANY more comments, but I only wrote down the ones from people I got to know by name during the flights.  As I said, it was a very unusual day. 

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  1. Beautiful picture of you! All the compliments are well deserved I'm sure!



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