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Some people just don't understand what "honesty" means. 

I asked someone who was complaining about life and how things are sometimes to read my Florida Nightmare story about being kidnapped. I wanted them to understand human nature was to overcome adversity and to contue to survive until at last we thrive. 

He responded in less than 3 minutes with "what a nice story" and it blew my mind. I then went on to tell him (he was attempting to become a flight attendant) that I preferred to work with honest people I knew I could trust with my life and perhaps this wasn't the right job for him. 

I excused him from further communications from me, and less than two minutes later I received an email alerting me to the arrival of a new blog comment. When I looked, my suspicions were confirmed and I added one more IP address to the list of IP addresses blocked from commenting on my blog again. 

It's sad, really - having people believe their only course of action to take when being found in a lie is a pathetic attempt to be rude. Honestly it just made me laugh. 

So, here for your viewing pleasure, a screen shot from my phone of the emailed comment, awaiting approval. Of course is was denied. 

But in case anyone ever wants to find out why he would be so idiotic, he was kind enough to leave his email address for you. 


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