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Fifty Pounds

The nature of Man has always been a bit of a mystery to me. In fact, it's always been a mystery to Science in general, also. Why do we do the things we do? Why do our brains react to certain smells, sights, memories and even thoughts?

Yesterday was a day of memory for me. It was the birthday of my only child, and a heart-breaking day for me that is every year. The memory brings about adverse reactions in me. One moment I'm happy and proud, remembering the first day I got to hold him (which was NOT on the day he was born, or even the following day) how tiny and beautiful he was. Then I'm overwhelmed with sadness at not being with him, watching him grow up through pictures.

I have a zipper jacket I wear over my uniform as I'm on my way in to work. Every time I put it on my shoulders, I smell a familiar cologne and my heart melts. I remember a smile, shining eyes, a sad day, a wonderful moment, a trip that will remain in my heart for the rest of my life. I see my destiny unfolding before me - all from the smell of a garment.

There's a bright blue brochure I picked up on my last vacation that sits in a prominent position on my book shelf at home. The sight brings back to mind the feel of the rock beneath my finger tips, the cobble stone street beneath my feet, the large nose and glasses I saw hanging over the doorway to a joke shop. Suddenly, if I close my eyes, I'm standing there once more on the streets with people all around, even as I stand in the empty space of my appartment living room.

In my writing, I often strive to make people think. I want people to enteract, to come alive and be involved in my stories and adventures. I love to have people related to what I'm talking about. In my recent post on Facebook, I asked everyone that if they could have 50lbs of anything, what would it be they would choose? Seven out of 8 responses involved money. Instead of my getting everyone else to think, it began to make ME think.

Everywhere in the world right now people are effected by a money crisis. banks are foreclosing on homes and then filing for bankruptsy themselves. Clothing stores are closing down left and right, not able to withstand the economic crisis. Mom and Pop stores like "Cuppacakes" that have a REMARKABLE product have owners and managers that work long hours for little to no pay just to make ends meet. That is truly a labor of love.

It's no secret that we all have money problems. Two of my answers very much surprised me though...

Thomas said that even though 50 lbs of rice could feed about 500 people in a third world country, he'd rather have the money so he could afford to "buy the third world country a lot of burgers" and feed them for much longer. The answer right after that surprised me the most, though I should know better than that.

I've changed the name of the person I'm about to mention to Anonymous in the inclusion of the conversation we had on Facebook below.

My anonymous friend has a very rare cancer known as Merkel Cell Carcinoma. Not only has this friend been able to help thousands of people across the world by bringing them together through Facebook, Flickr and Myspace, but he's a walking tribute to all people everywhere that have cancers of any kind. The people with the rare cancer Merkel Cell Carcinoma now have a place they can share information, success stories and struggles as well as being a support group for those who are in search of help or understanding. They've banded together to have resources at the fingertips of anybody looking for answers.

In the past, this same friend has had the opportunity to help others, including myself in 2006, when times were hard. He's always believed in sharing whatever and however he can. Without friends like him in this world, it would be a lonely place to live. He's been an inspiration to me, as well as to many others, and this world wouldn't be the same for many of us were he not here to share it with us. He's been a savior many times over. He's touched the world in more ways than he could ever possibly realize. He's done something most of us could only imagine doing - he's left his mark on this world and made it a better place.

This friend of mine had the only answer not related to money.

"50 lbs of feathers, spread my wings and soar high when the time comes. One ounce of glue to hold it all together. "

My friend, you were born with wings already. You're an angel here on earth. When the time comes, you'll be soaring on wings more glorious than the world has ever known.

POLL FOR THE BLOG : If you could have 50lbs of anything, what would it

Louise: £100 notes :P xx

Anthony: Wow... I could go lots a places with this questions... Depends do I wanna be serious, a smart-ass, or a pervert...

Eddie: Humm maybe 50# of crisp$ 100 bills would be nice

Jakes: I'd go for Kuwaiti Dinar coz it's around 3.5 times the value of an American Dollar (0=

Robert: I would have 50lbs in $100 dollar bills too (or £100 sterling notes which would be worth even more).According to the U.S. Treasury, "In $100 bills, the weight of $1million is about 22 pounds." ...I'd have more than a couple of Million Dollars....easy! :o)

Thomas: ‎50 pounds of rice could feed about 500 people in a third world country but Robert is on the right track. With the money I could buy the third world country a lot of burgers from the value meal at Mac Donald's. Show me the money. :-D

Travis: I was thinkin maybe like 50 lbs of gold? Just a thought

Patric: Love or money

ANONYMOUS: 50 lbs of feathers, spread my wings and soar high when the time comes. One ounce of glue to hold it all together.

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  1. money isn't everything but it makes things easier
    i love my dog
    but would i be able to keep him if i couldn't feed myself?
    maybe not

    some of the best things in life come for free but it's no longer true
    the streets aren't safe anymore
    a peaceful walk at night to clear one's mind could pretty much clear everything.....
    you actually have to spend some money to go to a park/woods to get some peace of mind


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