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Do I miss love?

I miss having people to explore with. I miss going on adventures. I miss having people around that I genuinely appreciate and enjoy. From what I recall, the last time I had "love" according to the other person involved, I had none of those other things.

I don't miss broken promises or lack of physical contact. I don't miss sitting alone every day and feeling just alone every night. I don't miss what that person called love in any way. It's strange... I really did (at one time long ago) think that love was a necessity in order to have a happy, fulfilled life. Blessings behold, I was gloriously wrong.

I'm not sure if I miss love. I miss having love whispered into my ear, but I've not known what that's like for years. I miss being held, but I've been alone long enough to know how to cope with that. I miss that fire, that spark - but I didn't have that the last go 'round either. Maybe I did in the early beginning stages, but it faded all too quickly. What I was left with was a man who pretended in the beginning to be something he wasn't in the end. The sparks I felt were for a personality that didn't exist.

Once in a while, once in a GREAT while, I meet someone and I feel that spark. It might or might not be a romantic interest, but it's at the very least a spark. I like that feeling. I like that surprise and excitement. In fact, I love it. But I don't miss what I thought was love the last time around.

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  1. *HUGS* Well you have someone to adventurer with and explore anytime you want. I enjoy things like the Queen Mary, Hollywierd, and that big beach...


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