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Window Shopping

Today, while taking the time to change every single password I have used over the past 3 years, I was in my ancient eBay account I've had since 2003 and noticed there were a couple of "watched" items that had expired some time ago. I don't know how long it had been since I had logged into my account, but judging by the size of the dress I was "watching" it's been some time.

I decided to browse eBay for a bit. My work was done, I was getting burned out on studying the custody paperwork I'm helping a friend with (legal stuff can be so dry...) and my roommate was trying to sleep. In my search for a silent time occupier, I found myself staring at the search bar at the top of the page. My fingers refused to move.

I sat there a moment, devoid of any want or desire that money could buy. There's plenty in this world I want, but even if money were no object (which sadly it is at the present moment) there isn't a single thing I could think of to look at on eBay and dream about. There wasn't one single thing for sale on the internet that would make me feel better than I already did. I've got such a great life!

So the quarters are a bit cramped, but that's not forever and I'm sharing with possibly the best female friend I've ever had in my life. She and I are so much alike it's scary. We get along famously, even sharing such a complex and tiny space for two people. The cats are even starting to get along now, lead by our example no doubt.

So I don't have my own car at the moment. Another one of my closest best friends (who also happens to be my boss these days) has been wonderful enough to let me borrow their truck while I save for the purchase of my own vehicle. I'm so far in the red at this point it feels like it may be forever before I can do that, but I know I will get there. All I can think is that I shouldn't have cared so much about someone's stupid birthday in May and I should have kept the money for myself. Then again, it makes me feel good to do nice things for someone else. I'm torn there.

So I've got more money going out than coming in. When I've just been back in the country for a month TODAY and brought back nothing more than a single suitcase of belongings, I guess that's to be expected. Again, it won't last and I'll be back in the black. I'm not entirely sure how I'm managing to spend that much money every week, but I'm about to outline a solid budget to live by.

So I'm working my ass off. I adore my boss, I really LOVE my job (when it can be called work at all, because most of the time it's not...) and how many people can say that? Life could be WAY worse. In fact, life could be as bad as it is for my friend/boss tonight. Poor guy had quite the shock when he left the restaurant after dinner tonight. To say the least, I was shocked by the phone call that came shortly afterward. He was NOT having a good night.

So I've not been drawing. I've been writing - and quite a bit! I got a new inspiration on Hookfoot. Due to an emergency dentist visit the other day as emotional support for a very dear friend, I met a dentist by the name of Edmundo Perfecto. Yeah, his name was Dr. Perfecto. Already I have a fantastic little character -

Dr. Perfecto is a mad scientist living on what everyone thought was a deserted island. His tree house is situated high enough to see if anyone is approaching the island from any direction. He is himself a flying squirrel who wears a white lab coat and ancient silver dentist monocle. One scar on his side and a circular cut to the right ear tell a story of a vicious attack long ago. He brought his crew of mercenaries, built solely of a large group of rats with an unusual strain of the rabies virus, causing them to all act as zombies. They were the perfect group of brain-washed slaves to do Dr. Perfecto's bidding - until Hookfoot came along.

Yeah - so I wrote that in about 10 seconds just now and it needs some major improvements, but the entire story is right here in my head (I'm pointing at my right temple).

So, what would I want?
Well, it's something that money can't buy, most people are afraid to give, but can't be shared any other way than to freely give it to another. It's something I've already got plenty of, but there are many different kinds.

Money can't help me now. Only patience can. Lucky I'm a patient girl with a lot on her plate to keep her busy in the mean time. ROLL ON HOOKFOOT!!

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  1. There's no substitute to hapiness. I am glad you have found yours. That makes your old friend very happy.


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