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My life is an ever-fluid whirlwind - ever since I got back. It's been a wild ride, that's for sure.

For the 4th of July weekend I had two very important friends of mine come into town visiting. Both wanted to spend time with me, so I actually got the two together and we had a great time. Most of the time was spent on the Queen Mary, including a Paranormal Investigation Tour that ended around 1am.

One of my friends and I got to go shopping and I'm slowly growing my wardrobe back into what it once was - with some extra flair. It's looking better than ever!

The party in Malibu was incredible. I met tons of people, talked to everyone and met an A-list celebrity everyone has heard of. I won't share the name here because it was a very private moment, but I will say that he asked for my phone number. I doubt he'll ever call someone like me, but the fact that this person even asked was a huge confidence booster.

It's funny, being back. People hardly looked at me sideways when I was in Scotland, and it seems like all eyes are on me out here. I walk into a room (or a party) and I own the place. Everyone wants to talk to me. Everyone wants to know me. Everyone asks who I am. Everyone makes me feel like I'm telling a lie by not being special or famous, but I think I'm ok with that.

My social calendar has been booked a week or two in advance these days and it's an amazing feeling. Each day there's something interesting or fun going on with old friends and new acquaintances. My boss/friend Bill has taken me to dinner in some of my most favorite places around LA, including a fabulous Thai restaurant in Beverly Hills just last night. I'm flirting with the ideas of taking Martial Arts once more and getting into swimming daily like I once did. I now have a membership at the YMCA thanks to my boss/friend and I certainly plan to use it OFTEN. I've even thought recently about taking dance classes - like Ballet, thanks to my roommate, Sage. It's time I live life to the fullest, and I've got a good running start at it now.

My life is getting back on track. I'm working a lot, having a lot of fun, and meeting people I've never met. I'm making calls and going places and exploring again. I'm DRIVING again. I didn't drive even a single moment while in Scotland. It feels great to be back behind the wheel of my own life.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, but that's what I thrive on - being busy and having lots to do. I am still the "Liberated Lady," but I'm also the redheaded whirlwind - don't blink or you'll miss me!


  1. Glad to see you are back and better than ever. Sounds like you had a great 4th Weekend and that makes me happy. The mere fact that You want to do ballet and martial arts at once is totally Amanda and one reason your so cool ( wide variety of interests). Anyways keep on going and good luck.

  2. Way cool and you should have never doubted you could come back and be much better off than before you left.


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