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Black Friday

I suppose that I am one of not many in this country whose constant challenge every year is trying to figure out what black Friday is all about.

There are those who argue that going out for the sales on Black Friday has everything to do with getting the best bargain for their money in order to supply gifts to loved ones, and therefore think it is an unselfish act. There are also those who argue that black Friday sales are about nothing more then consumerism, and greed. My own opinion sways at between both.

Today on Facebook, I am sure there are many photos from many people of all of the bargains people are purchasing in the stores. I also believe on occasion that you will see of people trying clothes on And bragging about the price of the television set they just bought for themselves. Yet, there are others who are going out and just watching the people argue and fight, as though it were a sport such as boxing or wrestling.

I have been bound and determined to avoid the mess every year for as long as I can remember.

When I had the money to do so, I quite often did all of my Christmas shopping before August or September. It has been a long time since I have had that kind of money. But at the same time, that would be the smartest choice for any of us. Purchasing items that are not quite in season yet is difficult, so the sweater for mother or the new hunting coat for father is impossible to find in August. However, those with children in their lives Jolivet Legos can be found year-round. So can Barbie dolls and my little ponies.

Now I hear that today people of Walmart are protesting. They are protesting on Black Friday because they feel this would be the hardest hit for a large company such as Walmart. Of course, they are right. Walmart is a large company, and as such does the majority of its sales, has the busiest day of its year, on Black Friday. But what is protesting on Black Friday accomplish, other than making someone else suffer? Not everyone at Walmart is protesting, which means many others will need to work longer hours or be called into work because of those who are not pulling Their shift.

I find myself at work today, not only because I need the money this time of year, but also because it is the farthest I can get away from the stores on Black Friday. I have quite a number of people to purchase gifts for this year, and I have been blessed with that. I am very thankful for that. In fact, that was one thing that kept circulating in my mind yesterday, on Thanksgiving day. I have many wonderful people in my life that I would like to provide a smile for. If that means Legos for one, I stuffed animal for another, and perhaps a nice bottle of wine for a dear friend then so be it.

Some people say that the entire idea of Christmas is based on consumerism. I strongly disagree with that notion.

While many stores and businesses have turned it into being based on consumerism, the true meaning of Christmas remains the same. Christmas is not just about the story of the Bible for those who are atheists either. Christmas candy so much more than what it is today. Christmas is about generosity. Black Friday is very appropriately named, I feel. Black Friday is truly a black day and a black spot on human nature.

Black Friday is about going out to the stores, forgetting about spending time with your family, and buying what ever your hands land on at what ever price it has been offered at.

It is about neglecting the one thing you are not supposed to neglect around the holidays; family.

Sure, some people take their families of shopping on Black Friday. But what happens once they get into the stores? It is every man for himself. How often on the weekend following Black Friday do we read stories in the newspapers about people who have bought, trampled others, and generally made a complete nuisance of themselves? It happens every year on the same day. It happens without fail. Every year, somebody dies on Black Friday because of nothing but greed.

I have always been the kind of person to walk my own line. I've never really followed any trend, I wear what I like, instead of what others like. I golfwear I like instead of where is in season. I buy things that I like instead of things that everyone else one. I make things rather than purchasing them because I find they have more value to me then. More value than money? Absolutely. So, unlike the rest of the society I am surrounded by here in Los Angeles, I stay away from stores on Black Friday. I refuse to have my life ruled in any part by greed.

Someone yesterday offered me gifts. They offered me help, thinking that was something I would need. The gesture was appreciated, but I require no assistance. Especially, when I know how many other people out there need far more help than I could ever ask for. I don't want this year for Christmas. I don't ask for money this year for Christmas. The only thing I want, the only thing I need, is to help someone has far less than I do.

With all of the people out there so obsessed with the Black Friday deals, I am not surprised that I have not gotten any more response than what I have on my previous blog post. The only thing I am asking for for Christmas is a bit of a stretch I know. What I'm asking for is a miracle. When asking for is in a family with three children who have no hope for Christmas might have light at the end of the tunnel.

So, while everyone out there in Lala land is having a great time, or a miserable time, shopping for the best deals of the season, there is one family who knows that not only can they not afford any of the Black Friday deals, but they can't afford the sales at all unless it's for a necessity. They have no hope without others. And yet, only one person in all of my asking has offered any help at all.

I have very little money myself. I need new brakes on my car. I have less than a quarter tank of gas, and I need more fuel. My cupboards are bare, I have very little food at home. But-I do not have three children. I have three cats, but they eat very little.

So, if you are out there looking for the best holiday deals right now, I have one for you. I have the deal of a lifetime for you. Go to the dollar store. Go to Goodwill. Find something, anything, that a family with three children would appreciate having this year. It does not need to be very much at all. Take your change in your pocket after you are done with the Black Friday deals, and send it to someone who truly needs it. Send it to someone who would appreciate it. Send me Barbie girl who has none. Send the Transformers toy to the boy was never had any. Send it back on the address that was only worn once to the family who has a young lady in jr high school And has no hopes of going to any school dance because she can't afford a dress.

For more information on the family that I speak of, please contact me. I can provide you with the family's information to email or mail any gifts you may have to them.

Even a Christmas card would give them hope.

Please, do something for someone less fortunate. Do something for three children deserve better than nothing at all. Do something for someone who needs you to. This day is called the Black Friday for a reason. Let's not give This family a reason to think Christmas should also be a dark day.


  1. Did the family you were concerned about not being able to have Christmas this year get the things they will need or are there still things they are in need of? Sorry but I don't remember which blog you wrote about it on and didn't know where to look for an update.

  2. No, I'm afraid there was only one friend of mine willing to help out in any way. We are still willing to do anything we can to help this family, but we're all on a shoe-string budget this year. Those poor kids... I hope what I was able to send will help in some way.


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