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See This?

See This?

This is what you would call a VERY good IP tracking device. Pay close attention. What you're seeing is YOUR IP address and computer operating information. What is stored and sent to ME is a geo-tracking map down to within FEET of where a computer is located, your IP address, operating system information, date and time of when you visit the blog (any page) and what links you click on within the page. It will also tell me what the last page you visited on the internet was.

Welcome to the other side.



  1. That's just me reading your blogs from work during break, don't be too worried about it! ;-)


  2. Imagine that! ( There is some kind of tracker on this computer as well). But I have told you before I am not computer savvy. I have no idea where to look up IP addresses. But I do enjoy reading the things you write. Some things have made me laugh, some have made me cry and I have found your travels exciting. I have even learned some things from you. I may be old but if we ever get too old to learn..then we are in trouble.

    I don't own a computer of my own and I have no way of knowing who all has access to this one, as it isn't always in my possession. I have not, nor would I ever say anything mean or cruel to you. And no, I do not know you, but I have tried to be encouraging to you with the things I have written. I left a short note on your poetry page last night when I checked to see if you had written anything new.

    I hope to get a computer of my own someday (and it won't be shared with anyone)! But I will always remain Anonymous with anything online. I wish you well and I hope you have a good day.


  3. Don't worry, you won't hear from me ever again after today. I have posted in the hope that you would open your eyes to false friends only to read about your major disagreement with your ex-roommate.

    I have only ever looked out for you, I am not your enemy.

    I wish you well in your life. Goodbye.

    PS That IP address is not mine.


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