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10 Signs

Ten Signs I've Moved to a nicer Neighborhood:

The .99 cent store isn't within walking distance.

You fall asleep to the sound of birds chirping rather than power transformers humming.

Street Sweepers don't have a scheduled time and day because the neighbors aren't that dirty.

There are trees waiting to be planted at the curb rather than torn couches ready to be hauled away.

The people in cars around you in traffic are smiling, not leering or sneering.

There isn't a bargain store on every corner.

The only prowlers in the neighborhood are raccoons and squirrels.

If you hear screaming in the night it's a horror film on tv, not the neighbors fighting.

Dog fights are things people try to avoid.

Tags are found on clothing and baked goods, not walls, trucks, fences, drainpipes and freeway signs.


  1. So happy for you finding a better place to live!
    I Hope you never have to be stuck with any roommates you don't want.

    I'm sure you feel much safer in a better neighborhood as well. You just keep moving on up and reaching for your dreams! GO! GO! GO!


  2. Good for you for leaving that awful neighborhood, I bet you were whistling as you packed your stuff and left. Moving to a better neighborhood could well be the start of better things in your life. Just keep going, you deserve better.

  3. I'm glad you've upgraded your surroundings. Good for you. :)


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