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Five Things

I had a friend ask me what five things I want to accomplish this year. This was my response.

Five things I hope to accomplish this year - would these be beauty pagent answers, politician answers or "real world" answers? Each would be entirely different, and the way the question is worded brings each to mind.

A beauty contestant would answer "World Peace".

A politician would answer "Lower taxes and lower crime rates".

But the real me would answer just like this:

I hope, within the coming year, to gain a better understanding of the world of politics around me. I would love to understand both sides of the coin, rather than just my own Conservative view points. I want to know why the Liberals think rapists don't deserve the death penalty, but that a woman who had been raped should have the freedom of abortion and the right to end the life of the unborn who's fault it is NOT. I won't go into my own beliefs of abortion or capital punishment, but I am merely stating that I wish to understand the world around me better than I do and wonder why things seem so hypocritical when surely there must be a better explanation than what my other conservative friends tell me and more than the "Nu uh" I get from my Liberal friends. I want to understand what nobody is willing to explain in an unbiased manner.

I want to go back to Paris. I was there in March but only for three days. I want to go into the Louvre instead of just standing outside taking iPhone pictures of myself. I want to touch the walls of Notre Dame, eat in that lovely "American" cafe just across the bridge from there, feel the coolness of the river Seine, dine onboard a river cruise and walk beneath the Eiffel Tower once more. I want to paint a scene on the banks of the infamous river; one of lovers embracing in the cold night air, steam escaping their lungs, all in dark shades of gray and black - all except the red umbrella they huddle beneath in their embrace.

I want to go to a Broadway play - ON broadway for the first time. I want to dress in the attire of days long gone; a gown to the ankles and gloves to the elbows - hair piled on top of my head in elegant ringlets and dainty slippers upon my feet. I want to walk proudly to my seat at Broadway, knowing I'm in the company of kings and queens of past, ghosts of history seated in the balcony above, watching the world around us unfold in one magical night just the way a brilliant author designed it to.

I want to go to the Opera for the first time. I want to feel the vibrations of a soprano in my very toes, to watch the faces of audience members around me grow bright and flush with excitement when they begin to understand the love the hero has for the heroine. I want to hear them grasp as they realize the bad guy has kidnaped the princess and plans to wed her for himself. I want to close my eyes and feel every note and syllable in my own heart.

I want to get my business started - to have something I can be proud of. I want to learn to sew so my designs can become more than just images dancing through my head.

And the last one is too personal to list.

What are yours?


  1. Good luck with all. I'm sure Patric will try his best to make all of that happen for you.
    I have noticed that when you drop hints he tries his best to "Git er done".
    Unless of course your new love whisks you off to Paris. (that would be great)
    Just curious, why the new obsession with the 1940's clothing and hairstyles? It looks great for evening in cerain settings but not so much "the do" in the day time.
    I think you would be great with sewing and designing.
    Reach for the stars and leave your mark on the world!


  2. Pardon me, but I'm not going to have a conversation with someone who pretends to know me so well but insults my closest friends and doesn't know me well enough to know that I've been obsessed with the 1940's since before I was double digits. If you'd prefer to comment as an observer instead of a "know-it-all" who doesn't, or if you would prefer to leave a name so that I might know whom it is I am addressing, perhaps that will change.

    In short, you think you know a lot about me, when in reality you know basically nothing at all - have I really EVER known you?

    "New Love", huh? Not so new, actually. Again, something only my real friends would know about.


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