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Just a Quick Note

I am ready to tell my story now. Hang tight to your bonnets, heads are going to roll!!!
What a manipulative creature I was nearly held captive by! How cunning and manipulative I had to be just to get back home! Beware, it's not exactly a funny story - some of it is down right scary! As I spell it out for the WORLD to read, it will help me to cleanse my soul of the dirt and anger that has been festering there since April 30th of this year.

It's time.


  1. Oh boy.... buckle up, it's gonna be a he!!uva ride!

  2. Oh, you BET it is.
    And he can take down his crap all he likes - I saved a copy because I knew he would. He couldn't run the risk of people seeing what he wrote about me because the people who know me best know it's not true!


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