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Back in Los Angeles

That's me.
That's right.
I'm back in Cali.

It's odd, but I didn't realize some strange coincodence until just today when I was setting up my new Blackberry (my job I had at IPC [and LOVED] got me completely hooked on the Blackberry now) I looked at the date. It was exactly two years ago yesterday that I was robbed of my uHaul and every posession I ever owned. I've built up a life again, only to make the conscious decision to give it up, and then find myself back in California on the exact same day I moved back to California the last time.

I'm looking for work (desperately), staying with a friend, and fighting the worst jet lag I can ever remember. But I'm fighting fiercely. I actually got to sleep after 2am last night and woke up around 8am, but I had fallen asleep much earlier in the day only to wake up at midnight on the nose. Fearing I would be up for the night, I finally forced myself to go to sleep by laying on my back in a completely relaxed position, crossing my hands over my heart, and concentrating very hard on nothing but sleep. I was exhausted, no doubt about it, but sleep was hard to find for a very long time.

I'm off to collect my critters today. I've missed my cats enormously. I knew I loved them, but I never realized how much I did until making plans to go get them. It's only hours away and I'm exhausted again since my body thinks it's after 1 in the morning, but I'm fighting the sleep as best I can, in hopes I might sleep peacefully tonight.

I jotted down several ideas I would like to share with the blog readers while on the flight back from Sotland (yes, for anyone who doesn't know, for the past 5 months I've been living quite happily in Scotland, but I'm back in Los Angeles now) but I'll share those at a later date. The friend I'm staying with is sound asleep and I'd rather not wake her up. I hired her to work Graveyards, and she's still doing it.

I'm so blessed to have such awesome friends.


  1. You have written elsewhere that it was the 13th JULY.

  2. If you would be kind enough to drop the sarastic capitals and provide a link to where that "elsewhere" might be, I might be able to change that. It was, infact, June.


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