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Five Days Later...

I've been back in Los Angeles for a total of 5 days now. Already I have a new computer, TWO cars to drive, my wonderful Uncles happily back in my life, my kitties snuggled happily in the same room as me, and friends coming from all over the place to welcome me back to where I came from. All in all, things aren't as bad as I thought they would be only five days ago.

I still don't have a solid job yet, but I've got a 'side gig' so to speak helping out as a sort of personal assistant, including mild cleaning and straightening coupled with personal shopping. It's a pretty awesome gig, getting paid to go shopping, spending someone else's money!

Though I'm sharing a room with a dear friend of mine, already I have my own photos up where I can see them anytime I like - photos with me IN them. That's already more than I had in the last place I lived. It looks like I belong here; like I live here. I'm not visiting. I'm settling in. For right now, this room with my awesome friend Sage and my two cats is home. Before long I will be just down the hall, but I'll still be home. I will still be wanted and welcome - and nobody can ever send me away as long as I continue to be myself and pay rent.

I'm notoriously considerate to others. I don't know if I always have been, but I would like to think so. I try not to hurt anyone's feelings and I hate confrontation of any sort. I'm no good at arguments, so why bother? The only time I ever argue is when I think I've been treated unfairly for long periods of time. Otherwise, I'm extremely patient.

I have interviews lined up - so many I had to put appointment reminders in my phone. All of them came through, which I am very grateful for. Probably the best job I'm going to interview for is for the Director of Security at the Skirball Cultural Center. It's a job I'm already familiar with doing, while at the same time being surrounded by culture and art, some of my own passions. I am quite possibly most excited about that one - though it's a long drive up the notoriously bad 405 freeway.

I keep looking at cars online, but so far I haven't found anything I'm completely sold on. I don't have the money for one at the moment anyway, but I should be able to save up some money if I get another job this week. Hopefully by mid-August I'll be able to afford something decent. For now, I'm extremely lucky to have the cars available to me to drive, thanks to two wonderful friends.

I've lost contact with Scotland - and lost favor there as well. This is really it. I'm here, perhaps I belong here. Any time I've ever tried to leave, I have always found my way back somehow. Perhaps it's my destiny to live here - maybe I'm meant for great things if I just give it a chance. I do love Los Angeles. It's a great city with diverse people, full of cultural differences, tons of friends and (other than my Aunt Debbie in New York) the only family I seem to have left. I love them dearly!

I've only been here for five days, but things are looking good so far! Somehow I always seem to land on my feet, just like my cats. Lady Luck has been kind, but I'd be lost without the kindness of my friends and family.

When I first knew I was coming back, I somehow envisioned sleeping on park benches again. I imagined being out of work for quite some time, eventually ending up living at a shelter for women. Instead, I've landed in a rose bush - this one without thorns. This one with a name. This one called home.

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  1. You also argue when you feel a friend is wronged. You are an extremly loyal friend and the St. Patrick's Day we had will always be in my fondest memomries....Oh and welcome home!


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