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Escort? Really?!

If I were an "escort" as two people I know (and once called my friends) have openly claimed I am, I wouldn't have saved 8 months for a down payment on a $4000 car. I'd live in a nicer place. I wouldn't need to work. I'd live in Beverly Hills, not roommates with a girl i can't stand to look at. I'd drive a Mercedes instead of a Miata. I'd have hair dressers do my hair instead of coloring it myself. My cats would wear rhinestone collars instead of frayed PetsMart nylon cheapies. It wouldn't have been my first trip to Paris, but my 20th. I'd be on "dates" every weekend instead of doing animal adoptions for free. I'd have expensive clothes, diamond jewelry, pearl necklaces and the best of everything - because I would be trying to superficially compensate for the emptiness in my soul.

Be not jealous of those wiser and fairer than thee.

Gain thee thine own wisdom by observation.

Be thee fairer in thine actions, not in thine appearance.

Heed this warning, all who dare approach.

Do not cross a maiden with a quiet or still temper, for when it flairs, there will be no chance to reign it back in until the damage is done. The worlds will collide, the sky will fall and the earth beneath you will crumble into ash - and that will only be the start of things to come.

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  1. Hello Amanda,
    I have been out of town for the past week visiting my daughter and didn't take my computer with me so I haven't been able to check on your new writings. (I don't like to use my daughter's computer because I am so new at using a computer and I fear I might mess something up). Pretty sad huh? My generation didn't grow up with these things.
    Anyway, I noticed you have apparently had some unkind things said about you from someone you thought was a friend. I know it hurts and is disappointing but at least now you know who and what they really are. For some reason when good things happen for someone it seems to arouse suspicions in certain people. I have found that those type of people are usually miserable, jealous hearted people who lack the ability to feel happiness for others.
    You have done the right thing to cut them out of your life. Your life will be better without that kind of negative drama. You said you were moving awhile back and I hope you have had the opportunity to do so.
    It appears you had a lovely Saint Patrick's Day with friends. I say good for you and I look forward to more stories and poetry.
    Take care dear girl and steer yourself clear of those bizarre, so called friends. I saw your writing about going back to church after many years and I rejoiced about that. I don't always get to attend church like I used to and I miss it so much. But I maintain a daily prayer life and enjoy my Bible study. I find it brings peace and comfort to my soul and I pray it will do the same for you. God Bless!


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