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Hard to Do

Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing.  It's understandable, really.

I know someone now who seems to be having a difficult time dealing with some changes in their life.

Dear Friend,

Sometimes life isn't easy.  Sometimes a curve ball is thrown at you - and often more than once.  When that happens, you can either stand there and let that curve ball knock the wind out of you for a moment, or you can let it hit you straight in the face.  You'll either end up on your ass or knocked unconscious.  From there, you can either nurse your wounds and sit the game out, or you can get right back up, brush yourself off, and keep right on going.

What we want to do and what we NEED to do are often two different things.  But if you look deep into your heart, you know what it is you need to do.  You also know that you don't WANT to because it hurts.  You're not sure how.  You don't know how you'll make it.  You're worried that if you do, you can't go back.  And yet, you are saying all of these things to yourself because you know what you NEED to do, but you don't WANT to.

And yet, you've already answered the question you keep asking yourself every day when you wake up.  You keep asking yourself what you should do, how do you handle it, where do you go from here. 

The journey is taken one step at a time.  Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.  Nobody knows from one day to the next where the road you'll be on will take you.  Not a soul can predict that - not you, not your friends.  No one.

But you're not alone on this journey.  There have been many to walk those same footsteps before.  You're probably no stranger to it yourself. I was there not long ago.  We've all been there in our own way. We've all known that pain.

Let it go, find peace in yourself.  We can not help others until we are in a better place ourselves.  Find yourself.  Find who you are.  Discover things about yourself you had forgotten.

It's a new day.  Embrace it.


  1. It was not to long ago these words pertained to me. As soon as my father found out about me he tried to make sure I never left the womb. As my mom lay on the floor and my dad heelz and elbows thinking he was free I still fought. I never had my true father but honestly I never needed him. I had a couple fathers. The one father that defined my upbringing to the man I have become is Matt Carver. the man who continues defining and building me into a better man along with Matt Carver is Micheal Bell. Becuase of these two men, much like an unborn child I will always fight and in that fight if I can achieve just being half the man my dads are then u will have achieved greatness. We do not walk this path alone and I will always help anyine who needs it. Jason

  2. Very well written and so very true! Most of us have found ourselves at a place like this at least once in our lives. The one thing that always kept me going was knowing that there was at least one person who really cared. I would rather have one TRUE friend than a hundred fair weather friends. How blessed we are to have those certain few friends in our lives who encourage us and help us find our way along this sometimes confusing road of life.

    Hope you and your friends are having a great day!

    A Fan

  3. Amanda, You seem to be rather quiet over the past few days. I am hoping it is because you have been very busy with work and no doubt you are tired after your Red Carpet Event. Your gown was beautiful and you looked radiant and very happy with your friends.
    Just wanted to let you know that your readers think about you and hope you are still doing well. Best Wishes to You


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