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Adoption Day

Lilly was brought to us by Animal Control.  She and her three sisters were found in the bottom of an empty pool with no food or water.  It was in the back yard of an empty house, so the fact that they were even found was a miracle.  They came to us half-starved.  Their ribs were showing and each of the precious puppies were so tiny and weak. 

Now, each of them are a tower of strength, though they love to be held and cuddled.  Lilly was the first of the four to get adopted this weekend.  (The other three are still available.)

George was brought to us by Animal Control as well.  He was a muddy mess, found running wild on the streets, searching constantly for his next meal.  When he first came in he was scared and shaking, not sure what to do.  He tried to hide in the back of his carrier, but every day we worked with him a little, and now he's a brave, sweet natured, mellow, gentle silver haired fox, just like his (almost) namesake.  George has a black band over his eyes, and we thought he looked like a Raccoon - hence the "Cooney" part of his name.  Look how happy he is!

Gio was brought to the Animal Rescue a couple of months ago.   People just thrust him into are arms and said "We can't keep him." Then they turned around and walked out of the store.  We've never seen them again.

He's been going to adoptions almost constantly since then, and though people often thought he was a cutie, it was always the younger, prettier puppies who got adopted rather than poor Gio. 

Today, Jen and I got to adoptions early and were set up a full hour before usual.  When this lady came by, we had only been set up for 20 minutes. She said she had moved out from the North West and had thought about getting a dog soon.  She said she didn't think she was quite ready yet, but she wanted to take a look at the dogs we had anyway.  When she saw Gio, her eyes welled up with tears and she fell madly in love with him. Right then and there, she started the adoption paperwork and took Gio home with her this afternoon.  Happily, Gio finally has a loving home.

Coffee and her sisters were born to a Chihuahua and a Shiba Inu couple.  The owners of the two adults couldn't keep the puppies, so they asked if we could help find them homes.  They're beautiful little dogs, about four months old now.

They were being kept as 'fosters' (more information on being a Foster parent for the rescue can be found on the website, until we found homes for them.  Though they've been coming to adoptions for a while now, none of them had found homes.  Finally, today, a little girl took Coffee home.  Now she has a best friend forever.

Who can forget January's story?  The poor little puppy from Taiwan who nearly became the next meal of some heartless poachers - she was saved in the nick of time by local villagers after they heard her screaming in pain and fear.

Donna was January's sister.  If it hadn't been for January's cries, Donna herself wouldn't be here today.  This young man and his sweet mother wouldn't have found the next love of their life.  This sweet, wonderful little dog now has a home for the rest of her life.

This beautiful little face below is the sister to Coffee.  Her name is Vanilla.  She misses her sister already, but she knows that we'll never give up on her.  We will never rest until she gets a home. 

G.R.A.C.E. Animal Rescue is a No-Kill rescue.  We will keep them ALL until the day comes that they find their forever home.  For each one adopted, we can save one more life.

To donate to G.R.A.C.E. Animal Rescue and help to save a life (every little bit helps!) please go to PayPal or visit the site and click "Donate" - or mail a check to the address below, made out to G.R.A.C.E. Animal Rescue.

Thanks for your love of critters!

GRACE Animal Rescue
531 Main Street #229
El Segundo CA 90245


  1. These great success stories warm my heart! Thank you Grace Animal Rescue and Amanada!

  2. Thank God for places like GRACE Animal Rescue and the people who devote their love and time for the sake of these precious, innocent cats and dogs who simply want food, shelter and above all someone to love them. There is nothing like the unconditional love one receives in return from a pet!

  3. Proud of you


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