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Hard Days

Bad days.

They happen.

I try to constantly rise above the idiotic nonsense of others and their petty, selfish remarks meant purposefully to wound and hurt others.  For the most part, it's water off a ducks back to me.  I can deal with it really quite well.  I'm good at it.  I haven't always been, but in the last few years I've figured out a few personal tricks on how to deal with all the BS people seem to sling at others almost daily. 

I don't do well with someone I care about being insulted though, and I know a few who are the same way.  They don't deal well with others who do the same to me.  I had a sarcastic remark or two thrown my way today, and one really good friend of mine was up in arms when they heard about it.  I suppose I can't blame them.  I would have been the same way if the comment had been made about them.

It was a day of stress, drama and headache today.  It was a day I just wanted to hide from the world and go to bed.  I go through that once in a while, where I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.  I call it the Deafening Silence, or my internal isolation, but it's all the same.  It's the Blues, I guess.  Perhaps I just need a bit of Doug MacLeod or Ben Powell to get me through.

Meanwhile, I've made a massive mess with the computer at work that my poor Boss is having to fix, and I couldn't feel worse about it.  Sure, bad days happen - but being distracted by a bad day can sometimes make things far worse, like today.  :(

I think I need a visit from an out of State friend of mine.  Roll On February!


  1. I hope your evening is better than your day has been. As far as the computer problem your boss had to fix, although you didn't intentionally do it, I'm sure it bothers you. The fact it troubles you only shows him you are a contientious employee. After all, you have done far more good than bad since you have been employed there right? He must know that.

    Then there's the drama of someone throwing slurs your way. Only cowards or bullies do crap like that. If someone has something to say about me, I would much rather they have the balls to just come out and say whatever is bugging them instead of making snide remarks. Consider it their problem instead of yours. It isn't worth stressing over.

    Try to rest, meditate, do yoga or say a prayer. Tomorrow will be a brighter day. I know these things are easy for someone else to say who didn't have to be in your skin today, but we all have those days and in the end, it really could be much worse.

    Sending a Prayer

  2. This type of shit pisses me off. I consider you a close friend and I doubt they know you as well as I. People like this need to be told to go fuck them selfs. I would love to come down to your work and let these worthless bottom feeders know what I think. Because I don't take shit like this from anyone and they definitely don't give it back after I get through with them.
    I've been keeping up with your last few post and it just blows my mind. First theres your roommate who's got a stick half way up her ass. My suggestion is help shove it the rest of the way up, until it comes out that big mouth of hers. Then theres your coworker and there passive aggressive crap. Is there no safe place for you to go? Dam......
    I'm on your side always. We've talked about this stuff a lot and it's just such crap. I know you love your work, your boss, his family and some of the people you work with, but a job is a job. Don't stay if it's hurting you, you can always find another job.

    Your friend always,
    George Clooney

  3. Sorry you had a bad day.. wish I were there to give you a hug


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