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The Comment

I received a comment on one of my blogs tonight that I nearly deleted - until I realized that I needed to actually SHARE the comment with everyone out there.  If you click on the image below it will show you the screen shot I took of my computer to show the blog comment in its entirety.  

While I do have many stories to share, I can honestly say that they are all true.  Unfortunately, based on the blog this comment was originally supposed to go on, I can tell this person is the person mentioned in that particular story.  He didn't like the fact that I told the story all those years ago (the incident told happened in 2006) was about him then, and obviously he doesn't like it now.  It's sad, really.  Some people can't ever figure out what they're doing wrong and have to blame it on me.  

When I make mistakes, when I've done something I feel I need to say I'm sorry for, I do.  I don't claim to be a perfect person.  I know I've done some things in my past that I'm not proud of.  I know that I've not always been a good person.  I've actually told some of those stories here on this blog.  There are many others out there that I'm sure I still have yet to tell.  However, the story the comment was left on was NOT false, fake or fictitious.

I felt it was necessary to post the comment, but NOT on that particular blog.  The comment needed a blog of its own.  It needed to be shown to you, the readers, to show that I really do NOT hide anything.  I didn't feel that posting the comment on the blog would do that, since that originally story is buried in the archives, unlikely to be seen by anyone but the random reader, discovering the blog for the first time and bored enough to go that far back within the archives.  

Some people just don't get it.  They never will.

This is, unfortunately, someone who thought they were in love with me.  When I didn't and couldn't reciprocate those feelings, they lashed out.   This is the result - a look in the mirror, projected blindly at me. 

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  1. As your best friend I feel the need to chime in and defend your honor. I have known you a long time and never have you lied, cheated, stole, manipulated or harmed me. In fact you have gone out of your way to make sure I was never hurt. This trail of destruction seems to be nonexistent as I never seen it.

    You are the truest of friends and I know I can always rely on you to be there for me. We have seen each other through tough times. Whoever this person is must be scorned and bitter.


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