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I must have the greatest job in the world. 

After all, I was paid to take all these photos!


  1. I would guess that in your line of work there are many long hours of hard work. (Especially because you seem to be a devoted employee who goes "that extra mile").

    A great job, with a great boss, great pay and something you love doing is indeed a rare find. So many people get up on a daily basis and go to jobs they absolutely hate. I know you have talked about having some jobs like that before.

    On the same hand, great employees are a rare find. I am an employer and I have my share of good employees, but the "great" employees don't come along everyday. And don't think your hard work isn't noticed by your boss and others. It is always nice to be a highly valued employee, especially in this economy where great jobs are hard to find.

    What a difference a couple of days make, right? Just the other day you were upset by a computer error and office drama. Great bosses understand when you make a mistake (and they are also aware of office drama and those who cause it).

    Hang in there, it sounds like there are great opportunites for growth within the company you are now a part of. (Not to dampen the mood, but be prepared for jealousy to rear its ugly head at some point, if it hasn't already). Where there is success there is jealousy, and yes, sometimes drama.

    Its nice to hear you are feeling better!

  2. Great pics... NAMM was awesome!


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