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Better Days Ahead

Last night I wanted a beer. It's a craving I rarely ever have. I remembered that I had a 6 pack of beer from New Years Eve in my fridge still so I made my way through the living room gauntlet of my roommates friends to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, very much looking forward to that first taste.

I was shocked when I didn't see those dark bottles staring me in the face the way they had for a month. Slightly disgruntled, I asked rather loudly where MY beers were. I was greeted with a sheepish response.

"your beer? You had beer in the fridge? I've never seen you drink. I thought those were for anyone."

"Well I'm taking one of yours then."

"Take as many as you like. I'm sorry, I didnt know you drank beer."

I grinned, popped the cap off, held my bottle out for all to see, and slugged the whole thing back right there in front of them. That just happens to be something I've never done before. I knew I ha wanted a beer but I really didn't know how badly.

By the end of the night I put away a 6 pack myself and finally found my way to bed about 1am. I was thoroughly drunk. Part of me feared I wouldn't wake up in the morning in time for work, but a large percentage of me didn't care. That's also extremely uncharacteristic of me.

Somehow I woke up this morning with a spring in my step a full half hour before my alarm went off. I got ready for work, picked out some rather cute outfit, did something new with my hair and left a full hour before I usually do. I feel light and refreshed, ready to face the day with brand new eyes.

Nothing is going to bother me today. I have my swing music, I have my friends, I have my itemized list of things to accomplish today and I have finally gotten enough sleep.

It's amazing what a 6 pack can do for a girl who "never" drinks.


  1. You go girl. Glad to see you refreshed and the Amanda we all know and love back ready to conquer the world once again!

  2. Sounds like you did need a beer!


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