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The Rumor Mill

"What fuels rumors is the desire to believe we've been let in on a piece of secret knowledge - our delight in sharing it with others often blinds us to the falsity of the gleaned information.  Few can resist the lure of a deliciously wicked tidbit, thus few stop to check their facts before spreading the falsehood further."
Quote borrowed from here.

Rumors are damaging to many people - not just those involved in the rumors, be they true or false, but to the people who spread and share them in whatever ways they deem it worth their time  Rumors are manipulative. They destroy lives and dreams, hopes, friendships, marriages, families and even jobs.  The quickest way to demolish someone's life is to spread a rumor about them.  That's why I don't participate in such stupid activities.

"The quickest way to stay in the gutter is to surround yourself with trash. The best way to stay in the ghetto is to thrive on gossip, rumor and drama."

And yet that's how so many people live their lives.  If there isn't some sort of drama, they create it.  If there isn't some wicked rumor about some good person, they create one.  If there isn't a reason to dislike a person, they find one and tell everyone they know about it. 

I heard a few rumors about a person today that broke my heart.  They weren't true and I know that first hand.  They were evil, mean, nasty rumors that this person clearly doesn't deserve.  Today, I shed tears for another person because of the things said about them.  This is a GOOD person, a GREAT person, one of the best people I have been lucky enough to get to know. 

Rumors are poison - they are a cancer.  They spread like a disease, and once started, nothing in the world can stop them. 

Think about this....
The rumors I heard today were about one of the people in one of the photos below.  There is a common theme in the photos below, and that would be that each of them are my friends, someone I would defend with my last breath - and that's why I'm in every one of the pictures.

Imagine - it could be anyone.  It could be you.  At one time, it probably WAS you.  Everyone has had rumors spread about them.  It didn't feel good when it was about you, so before you go out and start talking about someone else, playing mean and nasty High School games, remember what that felt like.  Remember that each of us has a heart and soul. 

Nobody knows the whole story on any end of any story.  Even my own blogs are all told from my own point of view and many have come back to me saying they don't remember things going the way I did.  I admit, each of us have our own memories and opinions, including me.  With that in mind, what truth is there in a rumor?  True or not, the whole story is NEVER told. 

Each of us have families, friends, coworkers, lives and dreams that could easily be destroyed by a rumor.  Next time one comes your way, let it pass right by.  Better yet, tell the person spreading it to remember what it was like to be the victim of such viciousness.  STOP the rumors before they start.  Don't participate.  Let it go.  Let them be.  Let them have happiness and peace.


  1. "The tongue is the most unruly, firey member of the body and no man can tame it".

    "A horse can be bridled, but no one bridleth the tongue".

    These are quotes found in the Bible. There are many more regarding the tongue, the mouth, and gossiping. Many people don't realize it, but gossiping is actually considered a sin. Of course in this day and time, it seems not too many people care about what is sinful, much less things that are unjust or inconsiderate.

    If we would all treat others as we would want to be treated, the world would certainly be a better place.

  2. You mention your brother from time to time. Are any of those pictures of you with him and if so, which ones.

  3. No, none of these photos are of my brother, though my Mom, Dad and Son can be found among them. There are several photos of people that have been as close to me as a brother would be, but my brother and I haven't had a side-by-side photo in many years I'm afraid. He doesn't like the camera, and I don't see him very often.

  4. The common theme I see in each of those photos is everyone has a beautiful redhead in them. The camera loves you Amanda.


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