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What Color Are Your Eyes?

Sudden inspiration -
written yesterday on my Blackberry while at animal adoptions.
It may not be all that great, but I felt the need to share anyway.

Growing up obsessed with blue,
I looked in the eyes of strangers
But all that ever did for me
Was lead me to many dangers

Broken promises, shattered dreams,
I'd given up on love
The pain was just to much to bare
I became flighty as a dove.

And then I saw you smile at me,
I was so swept away.
Our long talks and joyous times
I wanted you to stay.

I never once thought about
That dream from long ago.
You filled my thoughts and then my heart
And i think that you should know.

You may not have blue eyes, but brown!
But you've become a dream.
You're so much more than I deserve,
But you're all I want it seems.

What color are your eyes my Dear?
It doesn't matter to me.
Just so long as you smile and laugh,
It's all I will ever need.

A. Blackwood


  1. Absolutely beautiful and heartfelt!

  2. Hey. I wrote a whole thing and it may or may not have sent... So, last time, promise, say hi if ya like. I'm headed out tomorrow but it would be cool to see you before the flight if possible. or just call if you still have my number.


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