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This is a snippet of an early memory I had. I'm not entirely sure where the rest of the story has gone now, but knowing me it will turn up eventually. Seems like everything does at some point.

Annabelle was one of the best skaters I had ever known, other than Brad (who worked with my mother). Where Brad was good in the skating rink, Annabelle was great on pavement. Her mom didn’t take her to the skating rink very much, so she learned to skate on the black top and concrete sidewalks. She would jump over curbs and rocks, run through the grass, and skate down the slide on the playground. She was the 5 year old dare devil. She always had her hair braided in intricate designs that fascinated me. I wanted my hair to stay in braids like that! While Annabelle was teaching me how to play hopscotch, her cute little braids would bob up and down playfully. She had a lot of very white, very straight teeth, I remember. I always thought she was very pretty, though I don’t remember much else about her.

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