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Before I die

Originally posted 03 Jul 07 Tuesday

Dance in the rain on a hot summer night. Let the cool drops of perspiration bead up on your forehead as the sun beats down on your back. Breathe deep, let it out in a slow sigh. Remember in that moment what life, your life, is all about. Laugh out loud. Let the world around you think that you've gone insane. If something strikes you as funny, if you're alone or not, just laugh. Let your heart be free and light. Smile at a stranger. Make someone's day with nothing more than a muscle movement in the lower portion of your face. A smile is infectious. It spreads like a wild fire once started. Fall in love – this is the best prescription to repair any damage life has inflicted upon us. And last but not least, live. Just live. Live like you have no promise of tomorrow, for when it comes down to the facts, none of us know when our time will come. I for one plan to reach the pearly gates not wishing I had taken the time to dance in the rain.

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