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No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently. Listen not for the bells to toll - for you will be the only one to hear them.

I came face to face with my Destiny. There I stood, looking for the first time into the eyes that haunted me since my childhood. Since becoming an adult, I'd only had one dream about the mysterious stranger - until he was a stranger no more. Suddenly he flooded my thoughts, my every waking moment, my every dream. He surrounded me, and yet I had never come face to face with those eyes.

There he stood in front of me, more beautiful than I had ever dreamed. I stood in awe. I was barely aware that my legs were still moving. I'd known that face for 6 years, and had known those eyes since I was 7 years old... and yet he was a stranger to me. I'd never met this person before in my life.

He grabbed me up into his arms and it felt natural. It felt as though I was meant to be there. I knew that it was meant to happen, that I had followed the right path. Destiny had led me to this moment, face to face with the eyes from my childhood dream. I held him tightly and hugged him as hard and as long as I could. I had to pee worse than ever before that I could remember, but I just didn't care at that moment.

"Come on," he said in my ear. "I've been here a while now and I really need to use the toilet."

I smiled to myself and chuckled lightly. He was perfect.

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