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Fans, Friends and Grudges

Posted Date: : May 16, 2006 8:18 AM
Originally posted to MySpace Blog

I received an interesting message this morning, and in my reply were certain thoughts I wish to share. I have since expanded on my original reply, but the message is the same.

"Lady, I don't see how you deal with your "fans" sometimes.
Does it ever make you just want to sign off and become a
plain-ol' anonymous person again?"

The "fans" aren't so hard to deal with. Most of the time I just block the vulgar ones all together and dont have to deal with that person again. I'm a pretty simple person, and despite the readings in my blog, I try to keep my life as drama-free as I can. I'll erase negative comments, block people from commenting further or sending me messages, and if that fails to get the job done (which has happened only once) then I simply report the person and I'm done with it.

There have been times when I've signed off and become anonymous, but I always miss the people I consider to be my real friends in the end, and they are what bring me back. All of the people on my friends list are just that - my friends. I've erased the "fans", the networkers, most bands, and most industry affiliations. That's cut back on a lot of the garbage I get.

I've a member of several websites, including Friendster, Tribe, Yafro, Flikr, and many more, but the ones I'm most loyal to are Myspace and TextAmerica (now changed to Facebook and Flickr). They keep bringing me back because of the bonds of friendship I have found and formed through these sites. If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would make and keep lasting friendships through the internet, I would have called them crazy. I would have said there was no way; the internet was merely a tool. It is truly a wonderful tool, but it's also much more than that. It's a connection to the world! Now, some of the friends that I've made online have been my friends (and even family) for longer than I've ever had friends before in my life.

If I choose to at this very moment, I can transport myself over to Ireland or Scotland for a few moments. I can talk with a friend from one of those far off countries and share a laugh, a story, or a good cry. Dont' get me wrong - the internet is not LIFE. It's not always real, but there are the few out there who are. The "fans" are not such people, but there comes a point when the "fans" cross over from being fans to being friends; the kind of people who, just by knowing them, have made my life a better one.

I'm happy with my life, who I am, and what I've had the chance to become, because of the friends I've had support me along the way. My REAL friends believe in me and trust me. If they started out as fans, that's certainly not the way they are viewed now.

As anyone who knows me would agree, I am never the kind to hold grudges against anyone. There is a good reason I've stayed through all the issues I've had at other websites. What it comes down to is people who like to have fun and genuinely care about others.

I hold no grudge, take no sides, and bury all hatchets.
I love my friends.
I ask to only be loved in return.

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