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I'm Right Here

When you wake in the morning,
keep your eyes closed a moment longer.
Imagine I'm there next to you,
watching you sleep.

I'll prop myself up on one elbow
And smile at you as you rest.
I'll reach over and kiss you on the cheek to wake you,
and whisper "good morning" in your ear.

When you get ready to leave for work this day,
close your eyes before you walk out of your home.
Imagine I'm there with you,
You're not allowed to leave without a kiss.

I've got a mischievous grin on my face,
and a playful look in my eyes.
"Kiss me," I beckon to you.
Kiss me or Ill tickle you!

When you walk up to your front door tonight,
Ready to go home,
Stop and close your eyes
If only just for a moment.

Try to tell yourself
I'm standing there with you,
I'll slide my hand into yours
When I sneak up from behind.

You'll turn your head and look at me
And we'll smile at each other.
I'll tell you then how much I adore you,
But I will never need to use the words.

When you close your eyes tonight
And rest your head on your pillow,
try to tell yourself that it's not a pillow
On which you lay your head.

It's my lap youve found comfort in.
I'll run my fingers through your hair
Lightly running my nails over your scalp.
I'll lean over and kiss you on the forehead

Ill rest my free hand on your chest,
and whisper softly how much I love you.
I'll be right there with you.
I'll always be right there with you.

Slight modification to the Bothwell Castle image

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