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I Am The Storm

I AM the storm.
I just told off some stranger who said people expect everything in life to be handed to them. Especially pretty girls - and he gestured at me. Don't you know that got my fires started.
I stood up in the middle of Starbucks and talked to someone I knew nothing about and gave him a full education. I talked about how I left school before graduation. I made sure he knew I was a human trafficking survivor and former rape victim who works to help keep others from that same fate. I explained about how I was homeless once as I was trying to escape trafficking; how I fought to not only survive, but to better my own situation through hard work and dedication. I talked about how I personally took down an embezzlement ring by myself, how I once started as a phone receptionist and ending as a Director of Sales and Marketing for North and South America at a Japanese company, about how I started out as a basic, run-of-the-mill mall cop and ended up the head of Safety and Security in less than 5 months time. I even told him how I beat the odds and battled against my forced captivity and starvation only five years ago in Scotland.

And then I told him what I expect to be handed to me at the end of every day.

Absolutely NOTHING.

I am the storm.

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