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Daily Struggle

I have been struggling lately, it's no secret.  There's been a lot going on which actually HAS been kept pretty private though.  For one, I thought the hives were gone and I'd finally moved past that severe allergic reaction, but it returned yesterday.  As of tomorrow I will have been dealing with raw nerves, itchy skin, sleepless nights for 5 weeks.  I'm exhausted and sleep deprived.  I'm also trying to figure out how, while going through this physical pain, I'm going to pack all of my belongings. I'm moving in October (to a nicer neighborhood, thank goodness) so I also need to save up the money somehow for the deposit.  Of course with my current medical limitations I can't work my extra jobs in order to save up the money for the move.  This means it's another struggle.  I can't really afford food right now either.  My bumper nearly fell off my car and is currently being held on with bungee cords.  Its embarrassing - but it still runs.  Right now it's a lot.  I'm not coping well.  I'm dealing with a lot of random things coming from different angles. But I'm still alive.  I'm still here.  I'm fighting hard.  Pretty soon I'll be back on my feet.  After I move in October I'll pay less in rent every month and might have a chance to start paying off my debts.  But for now, I'm scared, I'm hurting and I'm overwhelmed.  It's a LOT.  But I'm still alive. 
If you're struggling, you're not alone. 

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