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Reviving a Survivor

It was 19 years ago today I came to life.  

It's different from being born or becoming an adult or even having a first sip of alcohol. In fact, to me it's a day more important than any of those. I don't remember the day I was born, I couldn't tell you when I had my first sip of alcohol and I honestly don't believe many alive could pinpoint becoming an adult on one particular day, aside from a few WWII vets who went to war as 19 year old children and came home as aged, old men trapped in young, battered bodies. For me it's another story entirely.  

Nineteen years ago TODAY, shortly after 1am I was revived on an operating table.  

I stayed in a hospital bed for 6 days while 5 pints of blood were put back into my frail body. I remember waking up in the hospital after having a conversation with a deceased relative. I remember seeing both of my parents there, standing over me and crying. I even remember the confusion I had, wondering how in the world I had gone from having a pleasant chat with my grandfather, to looking up at crying parents and wondering what in the world they were crying about. I had no idea at the time that I had actually been dead, but much of that can be contributed to the heavy sedation I was still under. My eyelids fluttered only briefly long enough for me to say hello to them, and then I was out once more.  

And today I've been revived once again.... 20 years after being kidnapped and locked away the first time, my story is being told. A full 19 years after being brought back to life like Frankenstein's bride, my story lives on and is being shared across the globe. Right now, at this very moment, people are reading about how to help put an end to this horrific disaster that still effects the lives of millions each year. People are purchasing my book Detailed Pieces of a Shattered Dream off of Amazon knowing the proceeds go to organizations that fight human trafficking. 

Let's put an end to human trafficking.

We can, if we work together.

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